Pollywords game rules

  • Making Words

    We are bringing word games up to speed & ready to cater to a flatter, more global world!

    • Make words in English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Arabeasy(Romanised Arabic) and Urdish(Romanised Urdu)...more to come later. Its time everyone came on to the same board!
    • To use different accents like É, Ö and others simply keep the associated roman character like E or O held down (long press) and watch the accents options popup in a familiar way!
  • Tile Placement

    You will be dealt out 8 tiles. Shuffle the letters around (if you feel like), have a think and ponder the possibilities. Shake your device from side to side and watch the tiles shuffle!
    When you feel confident, drag and drop your tiles on to the board (on the very first move make sure to include that pesky glowing center tile!)

  • Play

    Press PLAY to play your turn. To learn as you play, tap on any existing word on the board to see it’s meaning once it has been recognized (awesome fact: if a word exists in multiple languages, it will be recognized in all related dictionaries!)

  • Charactiles

    Characters on Tiles are called ‘Charactiles’. These clever contraptions can be used to block words and tackle your opponents, preventing word extensions and (the best part) infuriating opponents. Charactiles are great at boosting your score and also help get you out of tricky situations on the game-board.
    Please remember that once used Charactiles cannot be reused (these are consumables) and we would always recommend using them either after or before a word (be good and try not to leave them lying stray in the middle of the board).

  • Swap

    Sometimes life deals you a difficult turn! Never fear... Swap is here. You can Swap as many tiles as you like. Just one catch! You do miss a turn!

  • Peeping Polly

    Giving you an edge over competition the game allows a 'Peep' at your opponents tiles once a game. Be wise and use this strategically when neck to neck... but remember both players can peep!

  • Shared

    You are allowed to ask for help! We all call a friend once in a while so why not email a friend or post on facebook and ask those in the know. We all have those friends that are walking dictionaries or speak more languages than you can count on your toes, time they came in handy!

  • Dictionary

    If your word is matched by our dictionary, it will be recognized and scored. If not, you have the option to submit it into our word library where it will be validated by other players. You do need a minimum of 5 votes, so spread the word if you submit one!

  • In-game Shopping

    We do sell charactiles in the in-game store. Build your personal collection and look out for bundles coming soon.

  • Raise Brand Awareness

    The store also showcases a number of branded charactiles. While its not possible to purchase these, POLLY may just surprise you with a gift or reward from time to time.
    Whether its raising the profile of your favourite charity or celebrating familiar brands its all possible thanks to Polly!
    If you know a brand or charity that could benefit from running a campaign in our game, please do reach out to us at info@pollywords.com

  • Build Your Own

    Feel like giving a loved one something special? Just reach out and we can help create beautifully hand-crafted one-of-a-kind bespoke charactiles for you! Just email info@pollwords.com